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Victoria Dining Guide

Victoria Dining Guide

Wondering where to dine in Victoria? I LOVE trying new restaurants, and I've been compiling my BIG list of favourite eateries for more than a decade. Click the fork-and-spoon image to read my Victoria Dining Guide.


Victoria’s Best Household Consignment Stores

  • GOOD THINGS (250-598-9393), 104-1841 Oak Bay Avenue.

Rejoice, rejoice! Good Things household consignment store has reopened in Oak Bay.

When Good Things closed earlier this year because of fire, smoke, and water damage, regular patrons feared it might be the end for this wonderful store. I’m happy to report that it’s back and better than ever!

Customers were streaming in and out of the renewed shop last Saturday, which apparently reopened about six weeks ago. The space is refreshed and expanded, with three generous rooms burgeoning with top-quality consignment items at terrific prices.

What can you expect to find at Good Things?

  • Full sets of good china and individual replacement pieces
  • Modern crystal bowls, vases, glassware
  • Period glassware, such as Fire King, milk glass, and Depression glass
  • Functional handmade pottery: casseroles, canisters, dishes
  • Kitchen tools and cookware, including lots of good Corningware
  • Table linens, curtains
  • Full sets of silverware
  • Nice-quality secondhand cookbooks, children’s books, and interior-design books
  • Collectable curios of all kinds

I was there to pick up some glassware for microwaving. I’ve finally heeded the warnings about the chemicals that plastics can release into our food during reheating, and have thrown out all my old plastic cookware. I found several excellent Pyrex glass bowls in various sizes for between $8 and $12 each.

My steal of the day was this lovely three-footed crystal bowl, which I plan to fill with sparkling Christmas ornaments as a table centerpiece for the holidays. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you what I paid: $11, marked down from the initial price of $22!

  • PANACHE (250-590-2231), 50 Burnside Road West

And speaking of steals, the find I made this week at Panache home-decor consignments may be my Ultimate Bargain Buy of 2010. You may recall me mentioning a pair of handmade pottery lamps in my write-up about Panache back in October. Well, I got them!

The lamps were priced at $200 when owner Jeff Isenor took them in—already a very fair price for such beautifully thrown pottery pieces, hand-etched with stylized poppies. Fervently, I wished and hoped that no-one would buy them and, miraculously, they stayed long enough to be marked down to $100. I expressed my keen interest to Jeff, who took pity and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: $75 for the pair.

These gorgeous tri-light lamps, made by James Pottery on Quadra Island, B.C., and in pristine condition with perfectly matched shades, will be a treasured feature of my home decor. (That’s my ginger cat. Mr. Bailey, peeking out from behind the lamps.)

  • SUPER CHANCE (250-385-2523), 10-435 Simcoe Street

As a wrap-up to this article, I should also mention a third home-consignment store in Victoria. Super Chance in James Bay lacks the sparkling selection of Good Things, and its rumble-sale ambience falls far short of the elegant merchandise displays at Panache, but if you are patient and look around carefully, you can spy some good items at great prices. I paid $10 for this maroon-coloured glass Corningware saucepan, an excellent addition to my new microwave collection.


9 comments to Victoria’s Best Household Consignment Stores

  • hotel goddess

    I love surfing through second hand shops. Not only is it fun but a sustainable idea for all of us to invest more time. I have found timeless classics including crystal, Irish linens and many pieces I wish I knew the stories to but often daydream of them.

  • anitabean

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I agree, buying secondhand books or pretty household things gives new life to those otherwise unwanted objects. And it opens up a wonderful realm of imagination for us to ponder the stories behind the pieces.

    Did the little antique candy dish once sit on a claw-footed table in some English country home? Did many happy family gatherings happen around that ceramic turkey platter, passed down from generation to generation? Did that single pair of crystal glasses toast a first happy year of marriage in a tiny little apartment where the baseboard heater hissed all winter and wind rattled the windowpanes?

    With gently used things, you get the bargain–and all the stories, too! As you can probably guess, I really enjoy shopping in consignment stores! 🙂

  • Just wanted to say I appreciate your posts on good consignment shops! My husband and I are building a house and with two kids, it’s hard to find time to shop for the gazillion things we’re going to need to outfit the place. I am a die-hard nostalgic and love to incorporate vintage fabrics, furniture and kitchenware into my home so I can’t wait to check out Panache. I already know of the other two you mention…have you been to Kay’s Corner in Cook Street Village yet? Happy shopping 😀

  • anitabean

    Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for your wonderfully encouraging note. 🙂 It’s terrific that we can trade tips here on Scrimp or Splurge: you get to discover Panache, and now I get to discover Kay’s Corner. Talk about “win-win!” 🙂

    As you are building a new home, you may also want to investigate The ReStore in Langford.

    I haven’t had a chance yet to write up this great spot yet on Scrimp or Splurge, but I will soon. They are building supply store that accepts donations of good, useable building materials (both new and used), recycling things that would otherwise go into landfills. Prices are VERY reasonable, and money raised goes to Habitat for Humanity Victoria.

    As their website promises: “You can expect things like: windows, doors, paint, hardware, lumber, tools, lighting fixtures and even the kitchen sink! Items are donated daily so each trip will bring you something new! For the do-it-yourselfer, the ReStore is the first place to visit for inexpensive renovations.”

    Check it out! You might save yourself a bundle on cabinetry, lighting, bathroom items, etc.



  • Lesley

    Hi. I will be moving soon and have a houseful of very nice furniture and decorative items, dishes, etc. I am not a garage sale seller, so could you tell me if there is anyone who would come to my home and take things away and sell them for me for a price? Thank you.

  • Hi Lesley.

    You might try one of Victoria’s auctioneers: Kilshaw’s (; 250-384-6441) or Lunds (; 250-386-3308). I don’t know if they arrange pick-up if a whole household is offered for auction–or if they even take whole households.

    If you contact local used furniture dealers, some might be willing to come over, but my experience is that these dealers want your best pieces at prices much lower than what you could sell them for on your own privately.

    Last fall I attended a complete home moving sale, which might be an option for you. Not a garage sale, exactly. This woman had organized all her kitchen items out on the counters, everything priced. Every piece of furniture, TV, lamp, treadmill, etc etc was marked with a price tag. Then she opened her house for a weekend sale, 9-5 each day. She had enlisted a half dozen friends to help, as there were MANY people going through the house and lots of questions. It seemed an efficient way to clear out a household, I thought. Big Brothers could be called to truck away what didn’t sell.

    All just ideas. I wish you luck with your move.


  • mercy

    I just love shopping at OldnGold. They have a beautiful selection of glass, and even better used jewelery. I traded in an old ring and came out with a lovely pair of earrings.


  • Sam Melnyk

    Charmaine’s has a fabulous selection of quality used furniture at excellent prices! She is an absolute delight to deal with.

  • You’re absolutely right, Sam. Charmaine’s is a terrific store with excellent prices and a large selection of good used furniture. Her prices on antique wooden pieces are always very fair.

    Charmaine’s doesn’t have the variety of different types of household items that you will find at Good Things (kitchen good, decor, art, drapery, china, etc.), but if you are looking for furniture, Charmaine’s should definitely be on your list.

    Thanks for taking the time to write and share this great tip.



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