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Victoria Dining Guide

Victoria Dining Guide

Wondering where to dine in Victoria? I LOVE trying new restaurants, and I've been compiling my BIG list of favourite eateries for more than a decade. Click the fork-and-spoon image to read my Victoria Dining Guide.


Groupon Victoria, Couvon, DealFind, TeamBuy, and Other Daily-Deal Sites Offering 50-90% Local Discounts: Victoria BC

UPDATED: January 6, 2014

Are daily-deal coupon sites like Groupon losing their appeal?

To keep my informed, I follow all of the daily coupon websites targeted to Victoria consumers. (See the full list below.) Some days, it seems I’m getting considerably more junky offers than legitimate bargains sent to my email box.

In the beginning, these daily deal websites and their coupons were a fantastic source of savings. Groupon Victoria launched in September 2010 with deep discounts of 50% to 90% savings on Victoria entertainment and services from spa treatments and yoga sessions to car detailing and restaurant outings.

In the last few months, however, I sense that some daily deal sites have begun to lose their way. For one, there may just be too much competition for the advertising dollars available in Victoria’s relatively small local business market.

Another problem—stemming from the increased competition for local deals—is that, to flesh out their daily offerings, many super-coupon websites have diversified into discount travel opportunities, national products and services, and, frankly, gimmicky “as-seen-on -V” products such as doodads to for your cell phone or iPad, diet supplements and lycra “slimming” hot pants.

Fortunately, there are still worthwhile deals and steals among the dreck. I still regularly buy coupons for home repair services, new restaurants, spa and esthetics treatments, oil changes for my car, etc.

Of the Victoria daily deal sites* I’ve compiled below, the top three or four are still worth a subscription so you don’t miss the best offers. The others sometimes have good offers, but be prepared to delete a lot of pesky pitches for purse organizers, iPod power chargers, and the like.

  1. Groupon Victoria Still the King of Deals.
  2. Couvon Consistently good deals on this site. As of Oct. 27, 2011, Couvon acquired  GOYAdeal, a former Victoria competitor. The merger should strengthen Couvon’s position in the Victoria daily-deal market and help ensure its future.
  3. EthicalDeal Victoria Quality local offerings with eco- and social conscience.
  4. Dealfind Victoria Loving their unique local offers like handyman and maid services, but “filler” deals like iPhone battery chargers are sneaking in more and more.
  5. SwarmJam Quality local offerings for the most part.
  6. TeamBuy Victoria NEW (Jan. 2014) Quality local deals have been giving way to junkier products and offerings of late. This doesn’t bode well.
  7. Tastygo Victoria NEW (Jan. 2014) There is little of real local value on this site now; just a lot of of the kind of fare you used to see advertised on late-night TV.
  8. WagJag Victoria NEW (Jan. 2014) Daily deals are getting progressively junkier, but WagJag just announced a new push to improve its “travel” offerings (formerly marketed as Jaunt). 
  9. Island Daily Deals Offers for the Vancouver Island area. Generally disappointing content so far, but could improve.
  10. Offeron Victoria: Offeron has become a site that markets secondary coupons that previous buyers acquired but have been unable to use. Relatively few Victoria coupons have appeared. Take very close note of expiry dates if you decide to buy.
  11. GEECEEZ:  NEW (Jan. 2014): The website is still online, but there are no deals offered in any category as of Jan. 6, 2014. It looks like GEECEEZ is fading into oblivion.
*     *     *     *     *
*Note: Just FYI. Most group-buying sites encourage users to share their sites with friends by offering existing clients credits (e.g. Groupon bucks)  for each new referral, payable if/when the new customer buys into a deal. Some of the hot links to the various sites above include this kind of “affiliate link,” meaning that I would potentially receive some benefit if you follow my link and choose to sign up. There is no obligation or cost to you, of course. 🙂

*     *     *     *     *


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