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Victoria Dining Guide

Victoria Dining Guide

Wondering where to dine in Victoria? I LOVE trying new restaurants, and I've been compiling my BIG list of favourite eateries for more than a decade. Click the fork-and-spoon image to read my Victoria Dining Guide.

Christmas Ideas

Victoria’s Best Christmas Lighting Displays: Victoria, BC

One of my favourite scrimping activities over the holidays is to tour around to see Victoria’s best Christmas lighting displays. The warm, cheery glow of the coloured bulbs invariably leaves me with the same feeling inside.

It seems the least we can do to pay homage to the homeowners and businesses who invest countless hours to create their magical illusions—not to mention the electricity bills they must rack up. When you think about it, these extravagant lighting displays are truly a charitable act, something created more for us, the viewers, than for the benefit of the homeowner inside.

Each December, the Times-Colonist newspaper publishes a map to help holiday light seekers find the biggest and brightest displays. Here is a link to the TC’s 2012 Christmas Light Tour map.

To their credit, many of the homeowners who create these twinkling extravaganzas do so year after year. Some decorate with such merry enthusiasm that they inspire their neighbours up and down the entire street to get in on the act. I especially love these community displays. And while every holiday season is different, the following blocks have been known to put on a “really big show” in past years.

  • 1100-1200 block of Marin Park Close in Brentwood Bay
  • Galbraith Close in Saanichton
  • 1200 block of Alan Road, off Wilkinson Road in Saanich
  • Ponderosa Crescent, off Wilkinson Road in Saanich
  • 4400 block Leney Place in Saanich
Still wondering if it’s worth your time and trouble to drive around and view these lighting displays? Here’s a sample to whet your appetite. My friend Nienke and I shot this collection of photos of Victoria’s Christmas light-up in 2010.

Final note: I’ve been advised by a reader in the know that the Esquimalt Canadian Forces Base will NOT be showcasing its lighted naval ships this year, due to construction at the site. Let’s hope they are back on the tour next year.


4 comments to Victoria’s Best Christmas Lighting Displays: Victoria, BC

  • Leigh

    The Esquimalt Canadian Forces Base is not lighting up the naval ships this year due to heavy construction within the base Dec 2012. Thought you might like to update your site.

  • Thanks for the update, Leigh. Much appreciated.

  • chris

    There is quite a display on Henderson Road, (north of Landsdowne Road) near Wessex Close in the vicinity of Camosun College. The entire house and yard are lit up. Quite amazing, and worthwhile to check out. Enjoy!

  • Thanks for sharing that great tip, Chris! Merry Christmas to you.

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